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The Top 3.5 Things You’ll Want To Know From MozCon Day 2

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Key Takeouts:

  • Google will continue to serve up more and more knowledge snippets, paid ads and immediate answers in the search results so it’s about ensuring your site is the source of Google’s answers
  • Moz has released another tool that helps to calculate the opportunity to capture traffic when up against other non-organic competition. It’s called “Keyword Opportunity”
  • You need to channel your inner-CEO and get buy-in from the C-suite to back your SEO through challenging times
  • There is less emphasis on reviews now when trying to rank for local. Keep persisting with real, follow links

So following on from the excitement of MozCon 2015 Day 1, what did day 2 deliver by way of marketing wisdom? Three and half key things actually.

Today there was a definite focus on mobile and surviving SEO in 2020, mixed in with a touch of managing expectations around SEO, a dash of local SEO and a final bang of “stop thinking about keywords, and start thinking about people” to top it all off.

So to kick things off, here are the top 3.5 things you’ll want to know from Day 2 of MozCon 2015

1. You’ve Survived Mobilegeddon: What Will You Need to Brace For Next?

As many marketers will remember, Google’s mobile algorithm update in April rattled a few cages (forcing everyone to ensure that they had their mobile ducks in a row!)

So what was the fall out? Well, not a lot actually. As Pete Myers elegantly points out: “They got us to change because that’s cheaper and easier than updating the algorithm”.

And with mobile eclipsing half of all searches now, the next changes to SEO will continue to have a mobile focus. As Pete continued to flag, more and more elements of Google’s search engine results pages are “built for mobile, adapted for desktop”.

[key_snippet no=’1′]

So now that we’ve all been forced as marketers into ensuring we have mobile friendly websites, what are the next big things we need to brace for in the SEO space?

Primarily it will be the increasing loss of control of the number of organic listings appearing on typical search pages.

More and more Google will serve up knowledge snippets, paid advertisements and just generally aim to answer your questions without directing you to the website that contains the data its sourcing it from.


The best way to deal with this imposition of knowledge graph will come from ensuring your website is the one that Google chooses to source its answer from; a hat tilt to the old ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ mantra.

Think about what answers your website can provide and aim to be the best at it.

“Try it out. Be a better match. Be a better answer for users” says Pete.

After all, if you take a glass half full approach, it’s a really fantastic opportunity for your content to appear twice on a search engine results page!

So why’s Google trying its hardest to answer all these questions itself? Well it’s pretty simple really, and is all to do with our move to predictive mobile and voice based search. As Cindy Krum put it best: “There are no keywords on your smartwatch.”


Bonus Content (The Promised “.5”)

Pete Myers also launched another beta tool set to become part of Moz Explorer later this year. It’s called “Keyword Opportunity” and helps you see, based on the keyword you’d like to rank for, what other non-SEO competition there is on that search engine results page. It’s great for helping guide how you should use your digital marketing resources to best reach your target audience:

Screenshot at Jul 14 19-47-27

You can take it for a spin here. You can also view Peter’s full slideshow from the event here.

2. How To Get A CEO To Increase Your SEO Budget

As a marketing manager, you might have faced the challenge before of explaining to a CEO why it’s important to invest in SEO, and how to best manage the uncertainty that sometimes surrounds this particular digital marketing tactic.

Purna Virji provides the definitive a how-to guide on channeling your inner-CEO.


“There is a way to win the C-suite over. It’s with clear strategy, its with clear direction. It’s showing the C-suite that we can speak their language.” As Purna notes “I found that taking aspects of a business plan, and converting it into an SEO strategy was really, really helpful”.

In a nutshell, the following seven key steps are a sure-fire way to help your board understand the goals and outcomes of your SEO plan, and get ongoing buy-in throughout the more challenging phases of your SEO campaign:

Screenshot at Jul 14 20-12-10

We’ll provide a full break down the exact steps in another post soon!

3. The Foolproof Roadmap To Local SEO

The final takeout you need to know from MozCon 15 day two is the humble, but often much understood field of local SEO.

Mary Bowling provided the most actionable talk I’ve ever heard on the topic, delivering a roadmap of what every marketer of a location based business should be doing in order to rank:

IMG_1841.JPGScreenshot at Jul 14 20-49-28

A few very important takeouts from here

  • Reviews have diminished as ranking factor for Google My Business listings, only contributing about 10% toward a business’ listing’s ability to rank.
  • “Now you only really need about 25-50 trusted citations to rank in Google. We really want to emphasise quality over quantity when it comes to local citations”

  • Get real links: Links that will actually be followed to the site and result in a booking or sale.

  • Mirror those local business offline referral relationships through your online channels too. Mary also says: “when doing that don’t be afraid to link back to them too if it makes sense for your website”

[key_snippet no=’2′]

Well that wraps up today’s coverage of Day 2 of MozCon 2015. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the third and final installment!











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