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$10,000 QLD Small Business Digital Grants

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Need help applying? Skip the description and get in contact with Reload now!

What is the “Advancing Small Businesses Digital Grant”?

The Small Business Digital Grants Program was developed to provide small businesses in Queensland with the much needed access to digital technologies and services that will help them to be successful in a competitive global environment.

The grant itself will match the funding of eligible businesses up to $10, 000 (excluding GST).

In applying for this grant your business will need to show that the digital technology or service that you are looking to invest in and/or adopted will:

  • Enhance the digital capabilities of your business;
  • Help your business be more competitive; and
  • Employ more staff in the future.

Hurry! Applications must be in before 9th December 2016.

Ready to apply? Contact Reload for assistance with your application!

The Queensland Government have disclosed their objectives for the program:

  • Assist small businesses to access the latest digital technologies to increase their productivity and competitiveness;
  • Enable small businesses to employ more staff and grow;
  • Provide access to training that will allow small businesses to use new technologies more effectively; and
  • Enable regional small businesses to expand their market reach through greater online presence
    assist small businesses to work smarter, be more innovative and work fewer hours.

Sound like you? Get in touch with Reload now to get started!

Is it worth all the fuss?

Yes! The Queensland Government is willing to match funding for the purchase of digital marketing services, software, websites and hardware up to $10,000.

This means that,you can put it towards any of a myriad of digital tactics that you may be wanting to trial, for half the risk!

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “maybe Facebook is the medium that may help me reach my audience better” or, “if only I could afford to run an email marketing campaign, I’m sure it’d help my business”, this grant gives you the opportunity to test these ideas and open up new channels to increase the amount high quality traffic to your site.

Excited yet?! Let’s get started on your application. Get in touch!

How do I know whether my business is eligible?

Here are some things you’ll need to know before you apply for your grant:

  • Your business must have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant;
  • The company must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST;
  • The business operations must run from a Queensland headquarters or operate predominantly within Queensland; and
  • Finally, the company must declare if any owners or directors of the business are an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent.

Does your business tick all the boxes? Hurry, applications end Dec 9th. Contact Reload now to get started!

Once you apply:

  • You can expect to receive a decision within the two months after you lodge your application.
  • You must not begin or pay for the product or service, in part or full, until you receive the approval letter. This is to ensure that you have confirmation that the project has been approved before starting your new campaign.
  • The Office of Small Business (OSB) will also carry out random audits of a sample of applications to ensure that the information provided is true and correct.

Ready to get started with an application? Get in touch with Reload now!

Reload Team
Reload Team

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