Domain Age and SEO

Domain names have been around for a while. Decades in fact. But how important in 2010 is domain age to SEO and your website ranking results?

At Reload Media we believe it’s very important to Google and your search engine rankings.

If you combine domain age with URL matches and good on-page optimisation, you are setting yourself up to have some great results.

Many businesses such as Digital Point are selling people (and spammers) older domains than what they can buy brand new on say Go Daddy.

At Reload, what we prefer to do is work with clients that have existing domain age and a good website, and therefore relevancy in the Google search algorithm.

That way, you aren’t artificially creating a result with a domain you don’t personally know or control and one that might have been in ‘blacklisting’ trouble in the past.

If you buy a business in the future it’s worth considering the value of the domain. With many baby boomers selling up in the next few years there are going to be many domains out there that aren’t valued properly if domain age isn’t factored in.

Llew Jury

Founder, Executive Director

Llew Jury is the founder and Managing Director of Reload Media. He is an experienced digital entrepreneur, having previously co-founded and sold Alfresco Design, Queensland's largest web design company. At Reload, Llew oversees the strategic expansion of the business worldwide and works with leading brands on all aspects of their digital strategies. This includes search engine optimisation, social media, search engine marketing, website usability and more. Llew is the Lord Mayor's Young Business Person of the Year, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and has been a finalist and winner for many management and export awards.