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Gearing Up for International Expansion Through Technical SEO

Arguably, there is nothing more important to a global marketing strategy than technical SEO. With the ability to increase reach and awareness in new markets, technical SEO allows your business to maximise its presence in multiple countries! Read more to see how technical SEO can aid in your international impact. 

What is Technical SEO, and How Does it Relate to Global Expansion?

Technical SEO goes beyond keyword search volumes. This tactic involves optimising the technical aspects of a website at the code and server level to ensure eCommerce success. It looks at elements such as site speed, mobile friendliness, information architecture and duplicate content which, when optimised, allows search engines to increase rankings on pages that provide a better user experience, which is really what technical SEO is all about. 

This tends to matter for international SEO and global expansion as new audiences will be entering your site, meaning your brand must make a good and impactful first impression. If you create a user-friendly website experience that allows people to learn about your brand in an efficient way, you are bound to gain increased session time and more revenue from organic search. It’s a win for your customers and a win for you!

How Does Technical SEO Link to an Export Plan?

When thinking about an export strategy, especially in the eCommerce sphere, your brand’s website has to be competitive. And when we break it down, the functioning of a website, including domain structure, content delivery for new audiences, language considerations and establishing authority backlinks in a new country, is extremely important for a successful international launch. 

Without these considerations, you will launch into Google without a voice and no voice means no organic traffic. Taking on user experience and technical best practices that Google prioritises into account is important as Google has a 92.63% search engine market share worldwide. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t optimise for other search engines, especially if that search engine is popular in a particular country. But if you want to put your technical SEO resources somewhere, Google is it!

Source: Statcounter

So, where does this fit into your export plan? When it comes to your digital marketing, establishing an international SEO strategy will be your next step after your logistical plan for entering the market (find out more about entry strategy optimisation here!). This step comes before content localisation and language operations because the functioning of a website will inform how your organic audiences interact with all other elements on your website.

International SEO vs. PPC: Working together for maximum impact!

Choosing what to focus on during an international expansion project can be tough, especially if resources are limited. How do you know if you should be placing more emphasis on international SEO or PPC? These two tactics are imperative to a successful global expansion project and will impact initial sale results in various ways.

As mentioned, technical SEO for international audiences will ensure your website has clear messaging and a great user experience for new organic traffic. However, adapting your performance marketing for international regions also needs to be established from a consumer behaviour perspective.

Supporting Your International Business Through Our Google Premier Partnership

With Reload Media taking home the Google Premier Partner Award for International Growth in 2022, we know how performance ads contribute to a successful international marketing strategy. Multiple experts in various industries are ready to take your international SEO and PPC strategy to the next level, creating international success from the initial launch phase. We know that gaining a balance of organic and paid international traffic from new international audiences is key to global growth, so let’s make it happen!

How can a Technical SEO Audit Help My Business with International Growth?

So, what are the next steps from here? If you’re unsure about international search considerations and the optimisations that may come with technical SEO, it may be time for a technical SEO audit. A technical SEO audit allows problems and opportunities to be identified, which will be key when entering into a new international market.

Technical SEO Checklist

When diving into your technical SEO, there are a few elements that should be checked and analysed before making any changes. Exploring these elements yourself can also indicate if you need external help from a technical SEO agency.  Begin with the following points when it comes to planning your technical SEO strategy for international expansion. 
  1. Test your website’s Core Web Vitals for mobile UX, safe browsing and HTTPS security.
  2. Crawl your website for any broken links and 404s and redirect as required. 
  3. Optimise or delete any duplicate or thin content within collection pages, product pages or blog articles. 
  4. Ensure your URLs have a clean structure. 
Find out more about technical SEO and content marketing for international expansion today!

Your International Technical SEO Agency

Gear up for international expansion through technical SEO with our specialist international SEO services. Explore our offering today!
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