Reload Media have worked with Point to Point Education (P2P) since the beginning of 2014. They approached Reload looking for someone who could work collaboratively with them and provide the expert guidance they needed to drive their marketing plan. 


To drive their marketing plan, Point To Point (P2P) wanted to closely partner with Reload. This stemmed from their own company values of partnering with teachers throughout their journeys overseas and creating a community of teachers.

Reload worked with Point To Point to identify their objective of increasing the number of teacher applications being received through their website, and to ultimately increase the number of teachers they could place into jobs in Australia, the UK and Asia. Although Point to Point has only worked with Reload for a year, they are looking to continue to grow their business with the help of Reload’s services.


The key strategy for Point to Point’s digital marketing campaigns has been to reach out to teachers to increase the number of applications received. As job offerings from Point to Point change, the Reload team regularly meets with Point to Point to discuss updated objectives and spot any opportunities within the industry.


  • Developing case studies on teachers who have long term relationships with Point to Point and outreaching this content to university websites and newsletters.
  • Creating different messaging and targeting specific markets with current job availabilities.

As job offerings from P2P change, the Reload team regularly meets with P2P to discuss updated objectives and spot any opportunities within the industry.

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