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‘Programmatic Principles’ – Brisbane Networx September 2018

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Tuesday the 25th of September saw host to the latest Brisbane Networx event, held at the Queensland Cricket Club in Woolloongabba. This month saw a panel of experts covering the topic ‘Programmatic Principles’, including Reload’s very own Digital Media Portfolio Manager, Michael Chen. Joining him was Cara Walsh of Walsh Consulting and Michael Petersen, Director of My Media Trading Desk. Facilitating the panel was James Gauci.

As always it was a fantastic night, with plenty of great insights into a field that for many marketers, can be a considerable knowledge gap. Here are some bite-sized, key takeaways from the evening’s discussions, courtesy of the Reloaders in attendance.

  1. Programmatic media buy differs from traditional media like print, tv or radio in that it allows you to target advertising to an individual rather than to a mass audience. Hence why programmatic advertisers are far more interested in data about their audience, rather than the environment.
  2.  It’s important to focus on two things. The message you wish to promote, and the objective of the campaign. By ensuring these two items are always front of mind, you can ensure not to get lost in the details.
  3. Find a balance between being creepy and being relevant. The best way to crack this balance is to try and understand how your customers shop. Don’t keep following your audience after the average buying window for your product closes, and it is no longer relevant to your users, this will cause bad sentiment.

  4. Only go to programmatic media once other channels such as Google Search have been tested. You want to max out the existing search demand for your products/services before looking to generate demand through more top of the funnel channels like programmatic.
  5. Learn to walk before you run. For businesses with smaller budgets, the best place to start testing display advertising is through the Google Display Network, before looking at programmatic or direct media buy, which requires much higher spends.

We’d like to thank Networx Brisbane for inviting Michael to join this months panel and allowing him to share his expertise.  We’ll be back in attendance at next month’s #nxbris on the 30th of October at the Lord Alfred Hotel to hear another fantastic panel discussion around ‘Instagram: Brand Engagement Through Imagery and Stories’. Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, stay tuned to Reload Media on Twitter for all your digital news and updates.

Reload Team
Reload Team

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