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Maximising Your Organic Social Media for Ecommerce in 2023

Using Organic Social Media to Increase Your eCommerce success.
Organic social media is ever changing. While social trends themselves don’t reset annually (more like every week!), this new year brings an opportunity to reset your strategy in line with best practice and constantly updating algorithms, giving your business the best chance of being able to capitalise on each and every trend that comes along. As your resident social media agency, we break down how you can maximise organic strategy for 2023!  

Why is an Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy Important?

With advertising taking over the social space it can be hard to prioritise organic social media for ecommerce brands — especially if your primary objective for these platforms is revenue increases. However, when we talk of long-term brand awareness and growing the customer relationship, organic social media is the way to go.

The key takeaway is organic social media and paid advertising can work together to promote quality content and reach a specific target audience in a holistic way. It will support and retain existing customers in a fashion that paid advertising alone cannot — with authenticity.

5 Key Tactics from Our Social Media Agency Specialists

But, what should you be doing to get ahead with your organic social media in 2023? We break down 5 key organic social media tactics that you’ll want to jump on and incorporate into your ecommerce social media marketing strategy.

1. Choose Platforms Relevant to Your Brand

It’s all well and good to post on every platform under the sun — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest (and even BeReal) — however sharing content on all social media sites just for the sake of it might not be the best strategy. 

Making sure that your organic social content has impactful reach to the right audience is how you choose the correct platform for your brand. Age range, your industry and the type of content posted are all things you want to consider when choosing platforms. 

We’ve made a handy guide on which platforms you should be focussing on depending on your target audience and industry to ensure organic content aligns with your goals.

Which social media platform is relevant to your brand?

2. Capitalise on Search Features for Organic Social Media

Yes, you read that right! SEO and social media go hand in hand, especially when it comes to gaining organic traffic to your social media profiles. SEO is not just for Google and is shown to be an active way to gain more followers and organic engagement over the long term. 

SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Team Leader, Brodie Ranson states, “When you think of SEO, people often think about their websites but forget that social media accounts are also owned marketing channels that you can be taking advantage of. Not only can you optimise your social media accounts to appear in search results, but you can also optimise your accounts for those in-platform searches. Accounts like Pinterest, YouTube, and even TikTok are great ones to leverage as we know users are searching keywords in these platforms. Don’t be fooled, search optimisation is not just for Google!” 

But, what can you do to improve your search results on organic social media? 

  • Research and use keywords relevant to your business, audience and also what’s trending at the time (especially when it comes to TikTok)
  • Optimise your social profile bios and descriptions with relevant keywords 
  • Create content with sharability in mind. If your audience actively shares your content it will increase platform popularity to improve search visibility

3. The Importance (and popularity) of Video Content

Gone are the days of static posts increasing organic reach. Video is the current queen of socials and should be an important part of an organic content strategy no matter what industry you’re in. 

In 2022, TikTok and Instagram proved that video is the way to get discovered and grow an audience. Individuals want to be entertained and educated by brands in the awareness and consideration phase of the customer journey, meaning video content is a great way to make a good first impression on your audience. 

Trending content can help you reach new people, however relevant brand videos about products, your team, and FAQs can obtain more interest and website clicks.

4. How to Increase Social Media Reach? Influencers & UGC

If you or your team are a little camera shy, there’s no need to worry. Using influencers and UGC (user generated content) is a great strategy to gain organic reach and match personas to your ecommerce brand. It’s also an amazing way to enhance the community within the social media sphere.


49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for product purchases.

49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for product purchases. Source: Digital Marketing Institute

Even though it is a paid strategy, the investment is well worth the outcome. 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations to feel confident with influencer marketing campaigns earning $5.78 for every dollar spent. 

Our Content Marketing Lead, Jade Naumann states why influencers and UGC play a key role in social media strategy, “It’s clear that audiences resonate strongly with influencer content and the key role it plays in establishing brand trust is undeniable. The key to maximising the impact of UGC and influencer content marketing is an omnichannel approach — something Reload specialises in when it comes to both owned and earned tactics.”

With Reload’s experience in facilitating influencer marketing and user generated content creation, plus pioneering the TikTok Creator Studio to enhance our client’s advertising, we know how to help if you’re a little lost with influencer strategy. Talk to our influencer marketing & UGC experts today!

5. Link Your Organic Social Media to Your Paid Strategy

Creating a hybrid strategy between paid and organic social media is the best way to maximise reach. Both these tactics complement each other, ensuring you can gain conversions and audience trust simultaneously. 

But, when should you align your organic social media with paid ads? If your organic content has remained stagnant for some time paid advertising is a great option for breaking through the algorithm in order to reach new, relevant audiences. Alternatively, your organic content might be reaching audiences in droves but lacks driving the click and ultimately, conversion — social media advertising can help with this. 

Performance Marketing Lead, Alex McCann speaks to this approach, “Deploying this hybrid social media strategy in 2023 is essential. Paid social advertising is one of the most effective ways to get in front of new, relevant audiences and introduce your brand. Your organic social media should then convert and bring these new users into your community. Building this community that feeds your paid social strategy with more data to become even more powerful. It’s this cycle that keeps feeding each other to drive business growth.”

Your Social Media Management Agency

Are you excited to grow your organic social media in 2023? If so, why not contact the experts and let us guide your strategy and implementation in line with your ecommerce goals.

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