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Maximising Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy with Google Shopping Optimisation

Maximise Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy with Google Shopping

As we know, ecommerce SEO is largely about generating unpaid organic search traffic. But, what if your SEO strategy tapped into new markets through Google Shopping Optimisation?

With Google’s new search features set to launch soon in Australia, we take a dive into how these new tools can integrate into your current eCommerce SEO plan.

Why prioritise Ecommerce SEO?

If it isn’t already, SEO should be a priority for your ecommerce business. A great SEO strategy allows website pages to rank higher on search engines, increasing the traffic to your website and beginning the customer journey.

However, it’s becoming increasingly clear to Google that user search trends are evolving — becoming more immersive and catered toward personalisation. In fact, 80% of customers are willing to spend more due to a better user experience, showing how important it is to factor user experience into all aspects of marketing.

80% of customers are willing to spend more due to a better user experience.

80% of customers are willing to spend more due to a better user experience. Source: UX Planet

All in all searchers want results faster. Users are preferring to see the exact product they want in the search results rather than clicking on a link to a collection page or blog. 

Digital Team Leader and SEO Specialist Brodie Ranson speaks to this focus on user experience, “We know that Google is always evolving search for its users, so it’s exciting to see a revolution of Google Shopping Tools making their way to Australian search results. Using these tools effectively will allow us to connect with customers in ways they prefer and ways that will likely lead to an influx in organic search conversions.” 

SEO experts and performance marketers will start to capitalise on this new thinking to increase conversions and ensure your business is appearing when these new search trends become the norm in Australia. It’s a great solution for ecommerce businesses wanting to shake up their SEO strategy and create impact in the short term.

The New Google Shopping Tools

Google has announced 9 new search features and tools for Google Shopping that are catered toward a better user experience when shopping for a specific product or category. Now, we know these tools all have a place in ecommerce SEO strategy, but we’ve chosen the features our team knows will have the most impact on ecommerce businesses.

Creating a Shoppable Search Experience

A major win for searchers is the introduction of the shoppable search experience. When users search ‘shop’ followed by the product they are looking for, they will be shown a visual feed of items relating to that search. Think of an Instagram feed but for Google. 

This will also be available in a Shop The Look feature that shows the product plus other pieces that go with that item — a great option for clothing and skin care ecommerce brands wanting to upsell.

New Google Shopping Tools
‘Shop’ Search and Shop The Look Google Shopping Tools. Source: Search Engine Land.

Personalisation is Key

Google is getting personal with their new search tools. In line with a more shoppable search experience, whole page shopping filters will be suggested when a user is searching for a specific product. These will also change over time depending on what’s trending, creating a personal user experience that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to find the perfect product — almost as if Google is acting as a sales assistant!

Speaking of help, Google will also learn to help users with complex purchases through buyers guides. This buying guide will share insights about a category from trusted sources and highlight key product features right from the start, ultimately helping searchers purchase an expensive or large item.

New Google Shopping Tools
Filter and Buying Guide Google Shopping Tools. Source: Search Engine Land.

Implementing SEO Strategies with User Experience in mind

From our experts, using ecommerce SEO and Google Shopping together will create a seamless and personalised shopping experience for users. This is because Google Shopping is a more visual and conversion focussed medium that uses relevant keywords to target searchers and deliver them the ideal result. 

SEO Product Lead Michael Pesavento is excited about how Google Shopping optimisation can aid user experience, “These big updates in search will not only improve user search experience but open the door for a lot more fluid and fringe SEO tactics depending on the industry.”

But, how can this optimisation impact your wider eCommerce business? Matching search intent with these new Google Shopping tools will make it easier to convert. Users are getting exactly what they are looking for so it’s a win-win for both the business and shoppers who won’t need to do multiple searches to find the perfect product. 

It’s true that enhanced user experience improves conversions. We’re glad that Google Shopping can be a key conversion solution in your eCommerce SEO and performance marketing plans. 

Prioritise Your Ecommerce SEO with Australia’s Best Digital Agency

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