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Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Getting the most out of Paid Advertising using Email Marketing

Consider this, someone see’s one of your ads, they click through, browse the site, then leave. You may already be spending across a smart remarketing campaign to get that user back to your site but, imagine if you could create manufactured touchpoints & not pay a cent for them? This is how Paid Advertising and Email Marketing perfectly intersect to support one another.

Here are our top tips on how to remarket to paid traffic using email marketing:

1. Add sign up forms to your ad specific landing pages.

Let’s say you’re a coffee brand and you’re running ads to sell your newest grind with a goal to sell to new customers. You’re using your first party data to push the ad to a look-a-like audience of ‘customers who have purchased grinds in the past’, so you can safely assume anyone who clicks on the ad will want ground coffee. Of course, you’re sending them to a landing page specific to the ground coffee, featuring the newest product with tonnes of great content… but what now?

Capture these website visitors by adding a sign up form or an exit intent pop up specific to the ad landing page with a message like: ‘Take the grind! Sign up to our newsletter for free shipping on our newest grind’. The website visitor then becomes a subscriber. They eventually leave the website and may or may not have purchased. Either way, your ad spend has not gone to waste because you now have access to reach the subscriber for future touchpoints and on top of that you know for sure they will be interested in content about new coffee grinds!.

Here’s some of the sign up forms we’ve created for our clients:

Top Philip Kingsley, Hair Care (UK) – Sign Up Here
Middle Henne, Melbourne Fashion Boutique – Sign Up Here
Bottom Celebrate Gifts, Chocolate Bouquet Gifts (UK) – Sign Up Here

2. Skip the Site – Capture emails from lead form ads and funnel addresses straight into your database.

Want to grow your database? Perhaps you’ve decided to run a competition or give away a killer piece of gated content in exchange for an email address. The beauty of a lead form ad means the user does not even need to leave their chosen social platform (facebook, LinkedIn etc) to engage with your brand. They simply fill out the form and enter their details in exchange for that competition entry or gated content piece. But one of the most common mistakes we see brands make is not doing anything with this data once it’s been captured.

Filtering lead form ad engagers into your newsletter lists (with consent of course) and triggering email automations off the back of their ad engagement is a great way to nurture a prospect from a social ad engager to a customer or lead.

We worked with Hitchley & Harrow to capture new prospects during Black Friday with a CTA ‘Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive pre-access to our Black Friday sale’. CPC’s for this lead form ad were $1.36 per new subscriber which saw 369 new subscribers filter into a Black Friday welcome email automation with a 43% open rate and a 13% CTR.

3. Use your email platform to create highly qualified remarketing ad audiences to lower CPC’s and increase ROAS.

If you’re not currently using your first party data to create highly qualified prospecting audiences, you should be! Our clients have seen notable decreases in CPA’s by pushing email segments to facebook to create custom look-a-like audiences.

You can also take remarketing to the next level with this tactic. Let’s take cross-selling for example. ABC makeup company (example brand) know that when people purchase foundations they may also be interested in the matching concealer shade. Therefore, we create a segment in their email platform ‘Has purchased foundation but not concealer’. From here we send this segment to facebook as a custom audience and push an ad with a video on how to combine the foundation with the concealer. If you’re using a platform like Shopify & Klaviyo (as per our example screen shot) you could refine the segment even further to ‘Has purchased foundation but not concealer and is predicted to purchase in the next 30 days‘.

Email and PPC are made to complement each other and quite simply one without the other is a missed opportunity. Implementing just some of these types of cross-selling and data sharing tactics has produced over x150 ROAS for some our clients. Chat to Reload about how you can get the most out of your ad spend with email marketing.
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