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19 High Impact Tips For Ecommerce Managers

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A quick introduction…

[TRANSCRIPT] Hey guys, here’s my 19 tips to help grow your e-commerce business. Feel free to pick and choose which ones you are most relevant for your business and if you find them useful, please feel free to share this post on your preferred social channel!

Ecommerce Tip #1

[TRANSCRIPT] The first tip is all about identifying who you want to buy your set of products.

Are they male, are they female? What are their interests? What are their age brackets? Where do they hang out online and offline?

You really want to profile those segments down as much as possible.

Ecommerce Tip #2

[TRANSCRIPT] Once you’ve identified who you want to buy your product, the next step is creating a brand that really appeals to those people.

So, you’ve got to identify if you’re targeting males, how you go about creating a brand around that.

If you’re targeting females how will you go about that? Pick the sort of messaging you want to use and start developing your brand story.

Ecommerce Tip #3

[TRANSCRIPT] So, once you’ve identified who you want to buy your products and you’ve developed a brand around that, the next step is to craft a brand story.

Your brand story is all about what you want your customers telling other people about your brand.

It should be really genuine and it should come from you. It’s kind of like a mission statement.

It’s what makes your brand remarkable and that’s going to really set the time for your e-commerce strategy.

Ecommerce Tip #4

[TRANSCRIPT] So once you’ve crafted your brand story, now it’s all about consistency. So it’s looking at how you can convey that brand story across all of your marketing collateral and material. So across your website, across your social media content, your images, your product photos etc. It’s really key to get that brand story consistent.

Ecommerce Tip #5

[TRANSCRIPT] When you launch an e-commerce store, unfortunately sales don’t just start rolling in. So, you’ve got to consider a pre-launch strategy. So, think of ways that you can develop a really targeted e-mail list prior to launch so that when you do push your website live you’ve got a database to start marketing to.

Ecommerce Tip #6

[TRANSCRIPT] This tip’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to buy from you. So, think about how you can limit the number of clicks from when someone finds a product through to entering their credit card details and checking out. As a bonus tip make sure that you’ve got the right tracking in place to save each stage of that conversion process to see where drop out might occur.

Ecommerce Tip #7

[TRANSCRIPT] Now, this one might seem really basic. But, it’s amazing how many e-commerce businesses don’t quite get this one right. It’s simply making sure that your customers can see what the shipping costs are before they add a product to their cart. Simple.

Ecommerce Tip #8

[TRANSCRIPT] This tip’s all about how you start sending targeted traffic to your store. When you launch an e-commerce store you’re not going to naturally have a big influx of traffic.

So, that’s why I strongly suggest you can consider a range of paid advertising strategies. So, things like Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Remarketing Ads, and potentially Video Ads on YouTube.

Those sorts of ads can be a great way to test how well your website works and start identifying who are the people that are buying your product.

Ecommerce Tip #9

[TRANSCRIPT] Unfortunately, a big chunk of your website visitors aren’t going to convert when they land on your website.

So, you’ve got to consider developing some strategies to capture those people that aren’t quite ready to buy.

Think of things like exit intent pop-ups, or e-books that are gated where the people have to enter their email address.

There are some great ways to start building your database so you can market to them over time to bring them back and convert.

Ecommerce Tip #10

[TRANSCRIPT] Did you know that Australia has the highest cart abandonment rate in the world at about 76%?

This means a lot of people are going to add your product to their cart and they’re not going to convert. Therefore you need to consider a cart abandonment strategy.

A lot of the e-commerce platforms make it quite easy to implement where you can automate emails that go to people who’ve added a product to their cart that haven’t checked out.

Ecommerce Tip #11

[TRANSCRIPT] Really consider email automation.

A lot of email marketing tools allow you to import your sales data so that you can start triggering automated responses and emails to people who have purchased certain products in the past.

That means if someone purchases a scarf then a couple of weeks later you might be able to send them an email for a beanie. It’s a really great way to grow your e-commerce store and best of all, a lot of it can be automated.

Ecommerce Tip #12

[TRANSCRIPT] This is a simple one.

It’s all about asking your customers what they think of your product.

Reviews on your website are a great way of getting feedback and also ensuring that the people that land on your website can see what other people think of it.

It’s a great third party source of endorsement for your product. Plus it will allow you to adjust your products depending on what your customers think.

Ecommerce Tip #13

[TRANSCRIPT] It’s only going to get more expensive to acquire customers.

That means that you really need to consider strategies to improve the lifetime value of your customers. So, that is how often your customers come back to buy from you.

Things like email automation can be a great way to target people who haven’t bought off you for a certain amount of time.

You can also look into some social competitions and you can also look into a loyalty program.

At the end of the day your customers will love exclusivity, so if you can make them feel part of your community and get them bought into your brand story it will really improve your chances of getting them to come back and buy from you.

Ecommerce Tip #14

[TRANSCRIPT] You should really be considering selling in more places than just your website. This is called multi-channel commerce. And when you look at tools like E-Bay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest etc, really start thinking about where your customers are and how you can better sell across those platforms.

A lot of e-commerce management systems like Shopify and Magento and WooCommerce allow you to easily do that.

Ecommerce Tip #15

[TRANSCRIPT] We’ve spoken about how important your brand story is and now it’s key to carry your brand story over to the real world and you can do this through the unboxing experience of your product.

Don’t just grab your product and throw it into a postage bag and send it to your customer.

Think about ways that you can carry over the messaging and the feel of your website and your brand into that unboxing experience.

Ecommerce Tip #16

[TRANSCRIPT] Make content to help your customers. If your customers are buying from you they’re buying from you for a reason.

Try to find out the steps that they would go through before buying off you and identify ways that you can create content to help them make that decision easier.

Ecommerce Tip #17

[TRANSCRIPT] Track everything through Google Analytics.

It’s a free tool and it’s your source of truth for how well your website’s performing, and when set up correctly you can start seeing how many people are buying from you, for what value, where they come from, how long they’re spending on your site etc. So, it’s a great tool and it’s the source of truth, start tracking.

Ecommerce Tip #18

[TRANSCRIPT] Be passionate about your product.

If you’re not passionate about what you do you’ll really quickly run out of steam. There’ll be a lot of hard days ahead of you in the e-commerce space, particularly if sales are a bit hard to come by.

So, be really passionate about what you do and think of ways that you can carry that passion over into your brand to help benefit your customers.

Ecommerce Tip #19

[TRANSCRIPT] Keep it simple. There’s a million and one different things that you can do as an e-commerce business owner or an e-commerce marketer.

Focus on the low hanging fruit and bring in external expertise where you need help!

Did you find this article useful? Thank Rhys with a share on your preferred social network!

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