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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: The Best New Features

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Last week Google announced the roll out of ‘AdWords Enhanced Campaigns’. There has been a large amount of buzz and hype on the internet about the new update.

When first reading the announcement it seemed like a lot of these enhancements were things we could do already, but made more user friendly for small businesses running their own AdWords campaigns. It appeared to be primarily focused at inexperienced PPC users, and this didn’t really spike my interest too much.

Fast forward to this morning and I noticed that one of my clients was eligible to participate in the new roll out of features. So I decided to give it a go. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised by some of the key new enhancements being implemented. My previous expectations for the update had extremely underestimated how great some of the improvements would be!

Out of all of the enhancements from this new update, the changes made to sitelinks are my favourite. Previously there hasn’t been any easy way to really customise sitelinks for each individual ad. If you had a lot of time on your hands you could create individual campaigns for each of your ad groups, which would allow you to have customised sitelinks. Using this method was unfeasible for larger accounts, and spread budgets thin.

With this new update you can now have unique sitelinks on an ad group level! This is exactly what the PPC community has been crying out for. What this means is users are now able to have sitelinks closely related to ad copy. For example, I have an ad for a specific car model; I can now have sitelinks which include the specific model name, relevant special features and even price point.

My second favourite feature is bid adjustments based on locations. For example when a campaign is targeting a capital city and regional locations. The capital city max cost-per-click bids will usually be much higher than the regional areas. What you can now easily do is adjust the bids of the regional location to be decreased by a certain percentage. This means you will no longer be bidding at a capital city cost-per-click level in regional locations.

The last feature I’ll cover is really cool and many AdWords users have been hanging out for this functionality to be implemented. The feature is call extension scheduling. What this update allows you to do is only show click-to-call extensions during business hours (or any hours you specify). The advantage of this is outside of trading hours you can direct people to contact you online, which will allow businesses to respond to customer the next day, rather than making a potential customer angry when they get an answering machine message.

So far I have only just scratched the surface of these new updates, and will be eagerly reading PPC blogs to see what other cool things users discover.

Have an idea on how to implement these new enhancements? Post it below!

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