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Facebook Page Post Targeting Enhanced Hits Australia

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We have had some trouble with the geo targeting Facebook page posts this week. At the time we marked this up to “general internet tomfoolery” but, as it turns out, Facebook were actually rolling out a new targeting tool! (Can I get a woo hoo!?)

It’s called, Page Post Targeting Enhanced. Check out some of the awesome new post targeting features below:

The new features only appear to working for clients of ours with huge fan bases, however, we do suspect a large scale roll out is imminent.

The Benefits:

    • You can now see the number of users your post will target conveniently within the post box. Previously if you were geo-targeting, you’d have to check your Facebook insights to see how many fans you had in a specific area prior to posting.


    • Segment by gender – “Hey ladies! Get 10% Off our beauty essentials this week”


    • Segment by relationship status – “Happy Valentine’s day! Wishing you and your partner a special day!” (At the same time, you could do a nice anti-valentines day to the single folk out there too!)


    • Segment by educational status – “Student deals – Limited time only!”


    • Segment by sexual preference –  For example, you can target your fans based on whether they are interested in men or women –  “What do you think? Is this not the perfect gift for him this Christmas?! [Picture of Delorean computer mouse]”


    • Talk to your audience based on their age – “Significant events in the year 1989: HECS was introduced in Australia, Young Talent Time was cancelled and YOU were born! Hooray!”


      • Segment by location & language (This one isn’t new. We’ve all been doing this for a while now but it’s a very powerful feature that deserved a mention anyway!)


        • Create highly targeted promoted posts and/or sponsored stories to target the market segment outside of your fan base.

We’re super excited about this new targeting offering as it not only allows our community managers to connect on a more personal level with fan page audience segments, but it also allows for more targeted content schedules and sponsored stories campaigns.

Mark our words, this tool will allow businesses to engage, entertain, educate their fan bases (and augmented fan bases) better than ever through the creation of more intimate, multi-dimensional content strategies.

Thanks Zucks!

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