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Does Your SEO Company ‘Get’ Your Marketing Goals?

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If your business has only just arrived at the promised land of internet marketing, you may find that it’s slim pickings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Not since the Oklahoma land rush of 1889 has there been such demand for unclaimed public real estate (albeit online real estate). But as we lose sight of vacant lots on Search Engine Results Pages, businesses and SEO companies must become more creative with their web strategy and approach to Search Engine Optimisation.

Personally, I think now is the time for your SEO company to show exactly what they are made of. For the latecomer wishing to claim their stake of top-notch search engine real estate, there is serious ground to be made up (and it’s up to their SEO company to make this happen).

The ugly truth is that small businesses with confined resources may find it difficult to achieve optimal rankings on competitive, high traffic keywords. This is especially true, where larger or more web savvy businesses have already grabbed their stake. But wait. There’s no need to despair. Or worse, return to the lull and security of traditional advertising with your marketing budget in tow. Instead engage a SEO company who understands your marketing objectives and can develop an SEO programs to suit.

I can’t stress how important it is that your digital strategy be consistent with your overarching marketing strategy. Many SEO companies tend to lose sight of this  (to the detriment of their clients). If you are servicing a niche market make sure this is replicated online. Examining the search behaviour of your target market will help you to uncover SEO opportunities that exist for your business.

Once you have identified opportunities in your online market, keyword selection will be your best friend in achieving optimal rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. When selecting keywords consider not only the volume of traffic but also the competition associated with specific keywords. Rather than solely targeting high traffic keywords, take a look at those keywords that offer less traffic but are more in line with your target market. These keywords will often be surrounded by less competition and you will find it easier to achieve higher rankings on Search Engine Results Pages.

Once you have selected keywords relevant to your target market you will need to ensure that these are reflected in your website content. Many SEO companies tend to write for the omnipotent and omniscient search engines, losing sight of the end user (your target market). However, search engines ultimately look at providing search results for websites that are going to provide the best outcome for the user. By including rich and relevant content, written primarily for your target audience, you will subsequently be rewarded with high rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

So what’s the take home message? If you are looking to engage an SEO company or digital marketing company, it is vital that they understand your overarching marketing strategy. At the end of the day Google is interested in providing the best results for the user. Write for your target audience and Google and other search engines will reward you accordingly.

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