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MozCon 2018 – Day Three Takeouts

MozCon Day #3

The final day of MozCon 2018 still had plenty of fantastic insights to offer. Here are my key takeaways from day three:

Focused Reporting: Fewer Reports that Do More

With an ever-increasing slate of options in tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, marketers are slipping into the habit of “I’ll collect this data because maybe I’ll need it eventually,” when, in reality it’s, creating a lot of noise for zero signal.


SEO without Traffic: The World of Voice Search, Knowledge Graph, and Brand

Answer boxes, voice search and a reduction in the number of results displayed sometimes all result in users spending more time in the SERPs, and less on our websites. But does that mean we should stop investing in SEO?

  • High Rankings ¹ High Traffic ¹ High Revenue
  • Voice search means clearer intent. We speak 150 words a minute; we type 40.
  • There is no such thing as accurate search volume


What All Marketers Can Do about Site Speed

With the recently announced “speed update” it isn’t always easy for marketers to know where to start improving their site’s speed, and a lot of people mistakenly believe that site speed should only be a developer’s problem. But is this the case?


Thanks for following my day-to-day coverage of MozCon 2018. It was an amazing experience that I won’t be forgetting any time soon!

Stay tuned to @Reload_Media on Twitter for my overall conference wrap-up piece, where I’ll unpack some of the event’s key takeaways in more detail.