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5 Ways Wine Can Help Marketing Managers Convert Traffic

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The first conversion element tip I will give you today is to have a catchy title. Unfortunately the drinking of wine is not the answer for converting traffic into dollars. Wait, before you leave and find other excuses to drink that Shiraz you’ve been eyeing off let me tell you about a place you can buy wine at an excellent price. I see I have your attention again.

In this article I am going to walk you through the journey of signing up to become a member of an e-commerce site that sells wines. Through this journey I will point out how said website has created a homepage that is magnificent at assisting people to become members a.k.a Converting Traffic!!! 

At the end of this article I will also purchase myself a bottle of Pinot Noir, because I deserve it.

Now the site in disucssion is Vinomofo an as I said it is an e-commerce site specialising in selling wine. I would also have to say they specialise in marketing because these guys do it well. Everything on their site is there to directly influence visitors on the site to convert.

Now a conversion could be a number of things like:

  • Signing up to an email list
  • Buying a product
  • Sharing a page

People are influenced to convert on a site by “conversion elements” which incorporate:

  • Design: branding, graphics, colors, fonts, layouts and overall UI (user interface)
  • Development: site architecture, coding, functionality, speed and overall UX (user experience)
  • Content: text, rich media, messaging and overall information

Stop Talking, You’re Distracting Me

To take advantage of Vinomofo’s offers you have to become a member. To become a member you have to sign up. When you first visit Vinomofo this is what the page looks like.

Picture #1


A lot of sites that you visit try to give you as much information as possible when you first arrive. This tends to overwhelm site visitors and hides the end goal of the company. A “call to action” (CTA) is an element on a website such as a button, graphic or text that is designed to prompt a user to interact with it and lead them further down a conversion funnel. In cluttered sites, these CTA’s tend to be lost amongst a shotgun splatter of text and graphics.

On  entering the Vinomofo site you are presented with; 1 unique selling point (USP): “good vino, real mofos”; and two options to sign up via Facebook or via email. That’s it. We haven’t even seen a bottle of wine yet. This simple design keeps the site visitor focused on Vinomofo’s goal of getting people to sign up. If you signup via Facebook then all your details are transferred automatically. If you choose to become a member via email you are presented with this pretty sign-up page (Check it our here!):

Picture #2


The signup process here is quite simple: Name, email, password, and mobile if you choose. The thing I love about this page is there is no distraction. There is only one thing you have to do on this page and that is convert! Yes, there is a small little button that will let you close this page in the top right hand corner, but it is so artfully blended into the background we can  call it an anti-call to action. There is no navigation bar so visitors can float off to other areas of the site, no extra information to cause distraction, no countless fields to fill out. There is just a romantic dinner for two and you and this sign-up box are the date. Boom… conversion.

Tip #1: Keep It Simple, Keep Them Focused.

I’m Doing The Right Thing, Right?

If you don’t sign-up straight away Vinomofo has put up some fairly convincing material to change your mind.

As you scroll down from the sign-up area the next section is a feed of people who have just purchased from Vinomofo and what they just bought:


Picture #3


People’s biggest fear is that they are doing something wrong. Society makes us self regulate our behaviour. So if we can see other members of society doing something then that makes it all ok. These people are buying wine, I can buy wine. They look happy, I am going to be happy. Yay, I’m not the only alcoholic wine connoisseur in the world.

Showing visitors how other customers have experienced your product gives them a way to overcome their fears. This can be done with testimonials, product reviews, live purchase feeds, case studies,  and a host of other ways.

Tip #2: Show people it is ok to mingle at this party.


Still not convinced this is the place to buy wine? Well don’t worry, Vinomofo’s 22 panel pitch isn’t over yet. Next stop: Trust.

I briefly mentioned testimonials as a way of circumventing people’s buying fear.   Well let’s continue on that journey from fear to trust with the mother of all testimonials: AWARDS.

Vinomofo have won two. They are very proud. They tell us about it on their website. I am glad they told me because my extent of knowledge of the wine industry is I like Shiraz and Pinot Noir at the moment. I didn’t know there were awards. Ok I knew there were awards but I couldn’t name them.

Picture #4

If you have won anything you have earned bragging rights. Brag about them, because the majority of people aren’t going to spend time researching you before they decide to make a purchase from you. Work the award into the design of your site. Give people a reason to trust you as soon as they have their first interaction with your website.

Unlike testimonials, awards supposedly come from figures of authority within an industry. In truth, some awards are made up by companies but if the awards are more recognisable then there will be more trust associated with them. Saying that, sometimes all it takes is a shiny golden star with “Winner of 2014 *insert random company* award for *something something* excellence” written on it to get people to begin to build trust. I’m not advising you to make up an award, I am saying that it doesn’t matter how small your award is and who it is from, if you have one, wave it in the air like you just don’t care (but you actually do care).

If you don’t have awards then there are plenty of other things to promote: years of experience, client surveys, size of business, and more.

Tip #3: Let your achievements speak for you.

Eyes Back On The Prize

I’m sure that by now you have forgot what my first point was. Well I will simply bring your focus back to it. It was “Keep It Simple, Keep Them Focused”.

Frequently when we visit websites we often go off and search for extra information to help us make a decision. On this exploration some people tend to get lost and decide it will be easier to get air-lifted out of the jungle rather than navigate back to what they were originally looking at.

Make sure that if people have to search your site for information to get them to convert, when they actually decide to convert they can convert straightaway. For example, enquiry forms at the bottom of information or BUY buttons at the top and bottom of a product page. You want to be there as soon as they commit, because  commitment really isn’t commitment until the act is done. It only takes a small distraction to make someone navigate away from your page. I just looked at Facebook there for a second and I nearly forgot I was writing an article.

Picture #5

On Vinomofo’s home page they have 6 call to actions to sign-up to their services. 6! It is not in your face either.  Their call to action is seamlessly designed into a template that emulates  their actual product pages. Once again the signup button zips you off to the distraction free sign up form where commitment is easier than a second glass of wine.

Tip #4: Keep bringing their eyes back to the swinging watch.

I Hope This Night Never Ends…..

So after a little bit of convincing I’ve decided to sign up to Vinomofo. Details entered, sign up button clicked, access to site granted. But that isn’t the end of the signup process for Vinomofo.

I receive a follow up email where I am offered:

A hug (and another access point to the site)….

Picture #6

…..Today’s latest wines……

Picture #7


..and a way to get FREE wine (while building up Vinomofo’s client base). FREE WINE!!!

Picture #8


Every time I’ve purchased something I get emailed a receipt. A lovely reminder that I’ve just blown another couple of hundred dollars  on camera equipment that will sit in my garage until I get inspired. Most of the time all I get is the receipt. There is no attempt to ease the pain of my purchase.

If someone has just committed to signing up to your services or making a purchase you are  now at the most optimal time to build upon your relationship. I’ve just given you my email address which is pretty much access to my daily life. Treat it as precious.

Tip #5: Reward them for engaging you.


So there it is. 5 ways wine can help you convert traffic. Once again apologises for the misleading title. I just have to say Vinomofo didn’t pay me for this but if they do ever stumble across this article I wouldn’t say no to a case of Shiraz.

BONUS CONCLUSION (Said like “Let’s get ready to rumble”)

I emailed Andre Eikmeier, co-founder of Vinomofo, and asked him about his thought process behind the sign-up page. His reply was:

“A lot of thought goes into this stuff, because you have two goals: brand experience and conversion. You can’t JUST optimise for the conversions, because this is just the start of the relationship with the customer. Hence the fun stuff down the bottom. There’s an uncompromising “linear” approach to this, that respects people’s time and attention spans. You can’t assume someone’s going to give you 30 seconds of your time. Think 3 seconds. But if they’re interested, then offer more.”

He didn’t give me a case of Shiraz, but he did give me a great insight and AT LEAST 30 seconds of his time. Which is probably 10 times more than people who started reading this blog article gave me. But not you you wonderful person (wasn’t that ego stroke worth your time!).

If you want to chat about the finer points of wine/ conversion rate optimisation/ content-marketing feel free to hit me up on Google +.

If you have time to spare you can also check out my second latest article, which is a sweet infographic about “If Ebay Were A Country” (Catchy title right!).

If you want to discuss how to increase the conversion rate on  your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Reload Media today.



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