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What makes a good blog post: the essentials to make your content shine

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A blank page can be an intimidating thing! Formulating a blog post that stands out from the rest may seem as impossible as a skateboarding cat, but in reality, both are achievable (Really! Look at this cutie!).

Now that we know one can be done, what about the other? If you want to make your content shine, take note of the following essentials for a good blog post:

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1. Choose an engaging topic

Although your blog’s theme will narrow down your options, a good and engaging topic centred around your industry will entice readers from all over the web. It could be something newsworthy, a question everyone is always asking or something a little more out of the box. Whatever it is, think: would you read it?

2. Hook your audience

The first few lines of your blog are crucial. You need to hook the reader in. You could pose a question, shock the audience, make them laugh or make them tear up. Whatever tactic you go for, try to create an emotional response and leave it open-ended so the reader wants more.

3. Use imagery

We are very visual beings. Photos, illustrations and videos will all add to your blog, supporting the written content and engaging readers who may only skim the writing. Just like your words, the image or visuals you use should be engaging and interesting and, of course, relate to the overall topic.

4. Keep keywords organic

Nothing looks worse than content with keywords just chucked in. Sure, you want to rank for SEO Brisbane, but reading “Get your SEO Brisbane from the SEO Brisbane specialists” isn’t going to fool anyone (or Google!). Try to incorporate keywords in an organic and subtle way so they don’t jump out of the content, but are rather seamlessly flowing throughout.

5. Break up your writing

A wall of text will make a reader click the little x in the corner in less time than it takes to say “content is king”. The aim should not be to bombard your reader with words, but rather to give them something they can use and consume easily. Bullet points, lists and subheadings will all help break it up and add the elusive and important white space all good content needs.

6. Build rapport

Even the most formal piece of writing should speak to the reader. Build a relationship with them, bring them into the story and make them feel a part of it all. Write in a language your audience would understand and expect, and be relatable.

7. Proofread

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: proofreading is essential. A simple spelling error can cause a reader to tune out and click away from your words faster than a skateboarding cat. Take the time to proofread and get a second pair of eyes on your work before publishing.

Writing a good blog post involves a lot more than just sitting at your desk and bashing on the keys! By taking the time to refine and evolve the piece, as well as adding other forms of content, you can create a blog that resonates with your reader and lets your content shine.

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