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Case Study

Loan Market

Enhancing Loan Market’s Google Ads Performance With a Custom Developed CRM & PPC Integration

The Challenge

Loan Market reached out to Reload wanting to reduce wasted ad spend and improve efficiencies in how their campaigns were managed.

Loan Market is the largest and fastest-growing mortgage brokerage in Australasia, supporting over 650 brokers across Australia and New Zealand. Loan Market’s Pay Per Lead program helps brokers find new customers using their CRM system (MyCRM), where brokers have the ability to specify the days of the week they want to receive leads, the locations they are willing to service and their capacity to support new customers. 

Prior to partnering with Reload, Loan Market’s marketing team would manually adjust their Google Ads campaigns to reflect the changes their brokers made in MyCRM, which presented a laborious and time-consuming process which was hard to scale. The team also found that their campaigns were running at times when their brokers were already at capacity, resulting in a surplus of leads and an accrual of wasted ad spend.

The Solution

Reload collaborated closely with Loan Market’s marketing team and their CRM developers to understand the existing processes and systems used to manually make changes to Loan Market’s Google Ads campaigns.

Using this information, we were able to develop a series of Google Ads scripts and an API specification to enable Google Ads to integrate with Loan Market’s CRM, so their digital campaigns would automatically update in real-time. 

Reload took on our challenge and did a great job at simplifying a project that was very technical. They helped us from start to finish, assisting us in identifying our pain points, proposing a solution to address these and most importantly, delivering on it… This solution has won us back time, without impacting the management of the Pay Per Lead program – if anything it’s now much more efficient and our ROI has improved. We now have more capacity to focus on other projects that help our brokers find and keep clients and help their businesses thrive.

Rebecca Morton, Digital Marketing Manager at Loan Market
Rebecca Morton, Digital Marketing Manager

The Results

Automating this process has not only improved internal efficiencies for Loan Market’s marketing team, but has given them the capacity to scale their Pay Per Lead program to help more brokers find new customers. 

In addition, their Google Ads budget is now being spent more efficiently, with campaigns only active when brokers have the capacity to support new customers, resulting in less wasted ad spend.


Hours/week saved on manual campaign updates

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