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Case Study

RSL Queensland

How Reload Helped RSL Queensland Make Every Website Interaction Count.

The Challenge

Despite knowing who consumes their services, RSL Queensland’s blind spot was understanding how each audience segment cosumed their content online.

RSL Queensland is the largest ex-service organisation in Queensland, with 240 sub-branches across 10 districts. They provide services & programs to support current and former Australian Defence Force members and their families.

When RSL Queensland re-platformed their website, they quickly realised that their new platform’s analytics wasn’t going to give them the data they needed to understand how their audience was consuming their content online.

RSL Queensland x Reload

The Solution

Reload helped RSL Queensland design and implement a data collection approach that would assign customer definitions to different users on their site, based on their own business logic, rather than having to conform to their website platform’s system.

The RSL Queensland team developed a ‘Guided Search’ functionality on the homepage, where users are prompted to select  their role, their current situation and the service/offering they’re looking for, which then generates relevant content based on these selections.

Reload engineered and implemented a tracking paradigm that captures information at each stage of the Guided Search and automatically groups users into segments based on their answers, unlocking the rich data-collection potential of this website feature. Using this data, Reload and RSL Queensland can build more informed and engaging experiences for existing and new members.

The Outcomes

Unlocked valuable customer data.

Allowed the client to identify issues with their existing content and wider marketing strategy.

Provided detailed information on who is using the ‘guided search’ functionality and what they’re doing on the website.

Provided visibility on which channels were driving the most traffic to the ‘guided search’ functionality.

The client was able to use the data to make informed decisions on how they could optimise their user experience and better serve their customers.

The Results

This tracking implementation has unlocked business intelligence that, until recently, was not readily available to the RSL Queensland team.

With this data, RSL Queensland can now make better informed decisions about the content they deliver to their users, the design of their website and their overarching marketing strategy.

In addition, Reload’s own audience segmentation capabilities have grown, further enhancing our Paid Marketing activities.

RSL Queensland’s marketing team worked together with Reload to develop a user friendly dashboard for our new website. The report concepting and design process was very painless and the actual technical build was a successful merger between our internal developers and the Reload team.

The actual reporting dashboard has been an iterative process and we continue to add new reports as they are required by the business. Overall, we have been extremely happy with our partnership with Reload and they continue to add value to our business daily.
Bart Black, Marketing Campaign Specialist

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